Invisible aligners or Invisalign is an alternative to wire braces that use transparent incremental braces to adjust teeth.

What is Invisible aligners?

Invisible braces provide a good way to straighten teeth without using traditional metal braces. They are great for gradually moving your teeth towards a perfect smile. In addition, if you know wires and braces, transparent invisible braces are the perfect choice for traditional orthodontic treatment.

Type of material used:

It is made up of medical grade plastic – Multlilayer aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane / copolyester.

How it is done?

They are customized for everyone and are designed to move teeth very, very slowly in the desired direction. This is accomplished by using specialized software to digitally capture impressions and process information, in which better results and future predictions for straighter teeth are calculated, and then the router automatically customizes a set of pallets for you. On average, a person needs about 25 to 40 sets to be fully aligned. The orthosis has the advantage that it fits very well and almost becomes part of the body after a period of time, so it does not cause speech problems. There are no restrictions on eating and drinking any food as you will remove them before each meal.